Tobrief is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, is a cross-border electric business company of women’s clothing, variety diversification, including T-shirts, blouses, hoodies, sweaters, vests, dress, skirts, swimsuit, cardigan, jackets, blazers, pants pajamas, sleepwear and so on.

Most of our customers are from young women, "fashion, simple, comfortable" is concept of the brand. We bring in various fashion elements and use simple and comfortable fabrics to match different colors, to show perfectly the charming, bulid unique elegance and fashion. At the same time, we constantly improve the brand products, gradually enhance the influence of brand and lead fashion trend from America. Our company will continue to innovate the model, integrate resources and expand the scale, unswervingly to make the connotation of the brand enrichment, the long planning of the brand development and the strategy of business internationalization.

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